Vegetable Curry

This recipe comes from my wonderful Aunt Chris who visited this past weekend.  She made this recipe up on the spot based on the beautiful cauliflower and sunny yellow wax beans we found at a roadside market.  As we were enjoying the meal she mentioned that it would have been even better with cashews, plump golden raisins or chick peas.  I decided to try a few of these additions for our weekly Monday night social supper.  Our friends liked it and so did we.  I served the curry over millet (our new favorite grain), and with a side of fresh corn and citrus salad.  Aunt Chris also made this salad up but it’s a lot like the fresh salsas that I’ve been making all summer, only this time with the addition of fresh (not cooked in any way) Ohio sweet corn sliced right off the cob.  All ingredients for the salad came from the aforementioned roadside market and my garden.

Major props go out to Colleen for bringing this oh so whiteout-friendly dessert: Fresh strawberries, 70% cacao chocolates made with organic cane sugar and whole wheat cinnamon twists sweetened with beet sugar.  All of which she found at Trader Joes.

What the hell, I’m on a roll here.  More big ups to my main squeeze for buying my sweet, vintage dining room set for our anniversary.  Here’s to six more years of dinning and drinking together!

Vegetable Curry

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