A Quick Lunch

First of all, I am featuring this lunch because it utilizes leftovers.  Unlike many people, I love leftovers!  I love having another taste of something that I liked the first time.  I love that so many foods taste even better the next day.  I love not being wasteful.  This is also a great lunch to pack off and take to work.  Some Mondays I’ll pack a small grocery bag full of salad fixings: greens, raw veggies, beans such as edamame, garbanzo or black beans, cheese.  I’ll use this bag to build a different salad at work all week long.  By Wednesday I usually grab a few more items from home to liven up my salads and replenish what I’ve used up.  This where my leftovers come in handy.

Green Salad with (leftover) Salmon

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