Tomato Stories and Easy Fresh Salsa

I am an NPR junkie. In the past two days NPR has aired two great stories about vegetables. The first story is a brief, romantic and historical look at the sexy past of the tomato plant. The second is a report about how to prepare fresh veggies so that you get the greatest nutritional benefit. After listening to the latter I have decided that the best way to enjoy the taste and nutrients of garden fresh peppers and summer tomatoes is in the form of fresh salsa. Whether you eat the salsa atop an over medium egg (as I did this morning) or scooped up with crunchy corn chips, the key is to enjoy it with a little healthy fat. Check out these links to hear the stories for yourself.

You Say Tomato, I Say ‘Love Apple’ by Diane Roberts
Get The Most Nutrition From Your Veggies by Allison Aubrey
Easy Fresh Salsa

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