Vegan Mac & Cheese

I am not vegan.  I’m not even vegetarian.  That is why you can trust me when I tell you that this is a truly delicious version of vegan mac & cheese.  I love cheese and I especially love homemade macaroni and cheese.  This does not taste just like the real deal but it is a great vegan substitute.  I tend to make this by memory, tweaking it a bit each time I make it.  I had to make this for dinner two weeks in a row to get the measurements and seasoning just right.  It is my opinion that nutritional yeast is the key to making great vegan cheese.   You can use this cheese sauce anytime you are looking for a vegan, melt-y, cheesy substitute.  Think nachos, over steamed broccoli or on a baked potato (unless you are on the whiteout diet).   I also like to serve this with some kind of veggie like garlic sauted spinach.  The dark green of the spinach really looks great piled right on top of the mac & cheese.

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