My First 5Ks: Wrap up

Purple Stride 5K at the Cleveland Zoo

2012 Purple Stride 5K at the Cleveland Zoo 

I did it!  I met my goal of finishing my first 5K in 45minutes doing a combination jog/walk.  I wasn’t really able to follow my original plan which looked like this:

1st Mile – jog 1/2 then walk 1/2

2nd Mile – jog 1 mile

3rd Mile – walk 1/2 then finish race jogging 0.60 mile

The course at the zoo was kind of weird because it wasn’t really a loop but rather doubled back in a few places.  Also the course starts and ends witha short but steep hill. (That’s the part in the NW quadrant of the map.) And in the middle of the course there is moderately steep hill that is just so long that it’s a killer.  (See the entire South portion of the map between miles 1 and 2.)  Up hill for almost 1/2 mile and down hill for almost 1/2 mile.  Whew!  I had to walk nearly all of the hills going up.  I have not trained with any significant elevation changes.

As you can see in the map from my Nike+ app, my pace was pretty slow even when I was jogging.  I’m okay with that.  In fact, I’m going to tell you something majorly embarrassing:  I’m pretty sure I was the slowest runner in the 5K.  Update: I checked the results online and I actually finished ahead of two other runners.  But hey, that means I have no where to go but up!  More than half of the participants did not actually run.  Most of them were doing the 5K walk which was supposed to start an hour after the run but actually started like 5 seconds after the runners began.  Many of the walkers ended up wandering around the zoo rather than following the 5K route.  This meant that at several points in the race the walkers were just standing around clogging up the route  for the runners.  This was super frustrating and kinda stressed me out.

A few good points about this first 5K:  I was joined by my good friend Camilla, The Fella and a new friend Susan.  After the race we enjoyed free fruit, water and Luna bars.  We were also allowed to checkout the zoo exhibits for free.  We had fun after the race visiting the primates and rainforest exhibits.

2012 Brecksville Home Days 5K Run

My second 5K took place exactly two weeks after the Purple Stride.  The Brecksville Home Days Run was very well organized and went smoothly.  My time wasn’t so great for this one but there were also a lot of hills and it was super hot that morning.  Hills definitely slow me down.  Slow, as in I walk up hills.  🙂  But I had fun.  The Fella did this race with me as well as my friend (and boss), Amy.  After the race we stretched in the grass and enjoyed free fruit and water.

A Shot In The Dark 2 Mile Run

Ready for the FUN run!

My third and most recent race was the Winking Lizard’s A Shot In The Dark.  This race took place two weeks after my last race.  I was joined once again by Camilla.  Camilla’s beau and The Fella did the 4 mile run (!) while Camilla and I did the 2 mile fun run.  This race was a lot of fun.  First of all 2 miles is not tough for me and the weather was great.  Also, the race took place in the middle of downtown Cleveland which was just fun!  After the race the event turned into a street party with a beer garden, live music and free Winking Lizard sandwiches for all race participants.  You cannot beat that!

The Fella wrapping up 4 miles in under 36 minutes. Wow!

Now, I am looking here for the next race for The Fella and me.  I’d like to keep adding these events to my calendar for the rest of the summer and  into the fall.  I’m actually pretty excited about fall races and fall running in general.  I loved running in spring weather and since fall is my absolute favorite time of the year here in Cleveland, I just know that running this fall is going to be awesome!

Have you ever done a 5K or a Fun Run?  What upcoming fitness events are you looking forward to?

3 responses

    • Alecia, you should! The great thing about jogging is that you don’t need any special equipment, you don’t have to spend money and you can do it almost anywhere or anytime and at exactly your own pace. It’s also great meditation and gives me an excuse to listen to super cheesy dance pop.

  1. I love doing 5Ks and I do at least a couple of them each year. I always walk them, and it usually takes me about an hour or close to it. This year I want to mix in some running, so I am thinking about doing the Couch to 5K program. Are you planning any 5Ks for 2013?

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