How to Start Blogging Again Without Really Trying

So, I haven’t posted on ClevelandWhiteout in 21 months. 21 MONTHS!!!

Why am I even trying to get back into this? I really have no idea. But here goes.

Tonight I asked myself a question. What would happen if I pulled out my crockpot and filled it with: one turban squash, peeled and cut into rough chunks, about a cup of Lundberg Farms Wild Rice Blend, one can of Lite coconut milk, a tablespoon or so of Thai red curry paste, water, salt, pepper, a Not Chick’n Boulon cube, a couple of cubes of Dorot frozen ginger and a few cloves of smashed garlic?

Not too shabby, in fact, it’s delicious! The whole thing only took about 3-4 hours on high. My crockpot is pretty powerful and easily simmers on the high setting. The consistency and texture remind me of a risotto. As usual, I’ve made way too much but I imagine that this freezes well.

Winter Squash with Thai Red Curry and Rice


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    • Ha, yeah it’s not a secret I just told T that I hadn’t told you about it yet. Why don’t you google “no ‘poo” and you can learn all about what is or rather is NOT happening to my hair. I’ll tell you more when I see you on Tuesday.

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