Whiteout Pizzas

Before I began my whiteout adventure, The Fella and I made pizza often.  We usually used a variety of ready-made (white) dough, anything from Alesci’s (the best!), to Trader Joe’s pesto dough, to the stuff that comes in a cylinder next to the crescent rolls at the supermarket.  When it comes to homemade pizza, I’ve always been more about the toppings than the dough.  Tonight was my second time making pizza with whole grain dough.  Last time we used a dry mix purchased from the supermarket.  It took a few hours to rise and tasted very good.  This time we used Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat pizza dough.  It was kinda tough and chewy with so-so flavor.  I won’t be getting it again.  I  have been meaning to try making whole wheat pizza dough from scratch.  When I find a recipe that I like I’ll link to it on this site.

Green Pizza

Whiteout Pizzas

As I said, I’m more into pizza toppings than I am dough.  One of the pizzas we made tonight was inspired, in parts, by the broccoli pesto recipe recently posted on 101 Cookbooks and by the green pizza posted on Eating Well.  I used the broccoli pesto as the sauce (although, I omitted the cream from Ms. Swanson’s original recipe) and topped the pizza with beautiful half-moons of zucchini, fresh spinach chiffonade and a mixture of mozzarella and romano cheeses.  For the second pizza we used a sugar-free, all natural canned marinara sauce from TJ’s, ToFurkey Italian soysage, and bright green rings of fresh jalapeno from my garden.  All of this was topped off by a mixture of mozzarella and mild cheddar.  (As an aside, our all time favorite pizza topping combo is fresh pineapple chunks and jalapeno slices from a jar.  Hot, sweet, yummy goodness!)

red and green pizza sauces


italian soysage and jalapeno pizza


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