Whiteout Update

So, I’ve been working on my whiteout eating plan for a little over two weeks. I’ve lost about 5 lbs. Mind you, this is without counting calories, carbs or fat grams. Not bad. With the exception of one evening at a wedding reception, I have followed my plan to a T. It seems to be truly working in the sense that I am not craving snacks and sweets after meals. I’ve splurged a little on sugar-free, low fat ice cream. It was not very good at first but as my palate has adjusted to going without refined sugar the ice cream tasted better. I don’t want to indulge in this too often because artificial sweeteners aren’t exactly healthy nor do they fall into the natural, whole foods category.

I also want to mention that on the aforementioned evening, while attending a wedding reception I suffered from a dull headache for the entire latter half of the evening. I am not one to get headaches very often. I can only suppose that after two full weeks without, my headache was due to overindulgence in refined flour and sugar. I had two small cocktails that were certainly sugar filled (they were raspberry martinis and they were the “signature cocktail” of the bride and groom – how fun ) and I shared a piece of wedding cake with my fella. I also enjoyed the scoop of buttery herb-mashed WHITE potatoes that accompanied my fillet. I completely enjoyed this dalliance from my healthy eating plan. But after hours of dull pain in my head, I knew that my body was ready for me to return to my whiteout plan.


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