A Quick Lunch

First of all, I am featuring this lunch because it utilizes leftovers.  Unlike many people, I love leftovers!  I love having another taste of something that I liked the first time.  I love that so many foods taste even better the next day.  I love not being wasteful.  This is also a great lunch to pack off and take to work.  Some Mondays I’ll pack a small grocery bag full of salad fixings: greens, raw veggies, beans such as edamame, garbanzo or black beans, cheese.  I’ll use this bag to build a different salad at work all week long.  By Wednesday I usually grab a few more items from home to liven up my salads and replenish what I’ve used up.  This where my leftovers come in handy.

Green Salad with (leftover) Salmon

Green Salad with (leftover) Salmon

This is not even a recipe but a few ingredients tossed together.

  • a plate heaping with good greens, in this case a mix of romaine and spinach
  • a hand full each of sliced cucumbers and snap peas
  • a piece of leftover baked, blackened salmon, although any leftover protein would do
  • a drizzle of Green Goddess dressing – I chose this dressing because it is delicious and made without sugar of any kind
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